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Update ! since thursday . . . . . . . .



Thursday I spent the day measuring and working out the replacement parts of my baby crocodile. and started to cut them out of styrofoam ( costly but effective ) the good part of it was that i got a load of free be cut offs from other people’s work which saved me a good amount of money , I now have vast amounts of styrofoam which is good – I like !









Full day at work today so not much progress uni work wise 😦 which is not good , I did however start planning the week ahead and kept in contact

saturday and sunday again i was working both days but sat night and sunday morning ( before and after work) I started work on working out replacements for the larger crocodiles. I’m hoping to give 1 large crocodile cycle to two  second years if they think it is possible for them to complete.









Sunday evening I worked on idea’s for the music project I’m working in a group working for Barry Purves , I have been given a piece of music with the theame of digestion, so i drew up some idea’s for that.


hope she sleeps tonight


today has been a “hope she sleeps tonight” day. Last night and this morning I cut out and coloured my fall cycle ( which was posted in a previous blog ) by coloured I mean instead of cutting neatly around the body’s I cut them out in squares leaving negative space around the outside of them. I then coloued the negative space around them with various different bright colours so that when a cycle takes place the body appears the same white moving body but the coulours around it sort of flash – a kind of flashing border if you like. I then went into uni for about 10 ish animated for most of the rest of the day I managed to get two completed shots done after doing some initial experimentation. I then came back and contacted my second years via email to find out their availability and to find out how much they can commit too my crocodile project. so far its been a productive day 🙂



The presentation I did today for the second years was a great success!! I had 8 people approach me , saying they were interested and wanted to work on my project which is great news! on this project I’ve set my self its definately going to be a case of the more the merrier! 8 is a great number and I think I will put some posters up for actual assistance with the animating of it.

After the presentation I started doing measured drawings of my crocodiles so I can start to work out the sizes of the replacement crocodiles. I also did some brain storming on different materials to use for the replacements and models which will work out cost effective and have my desired appearance . I also started sorting possible jobs for the different assistants.

Exciting News


As I mentioned in my previous post , I had actual lectures in uni yesterday. one of which was run by none other than Barry Purves!!! which is very exciting. Even more exciting than that is us, as a group of students are going to be working on a film with Barry. Its based on the musical score “a young person’s guide to the orchestra” which is a wonderful peace of music which starts of with the whole orchestra playing together and then goes through each instrument individually before all joining back together again. Barry has split the music into its separate components and handed each student or group of students a part to animate , to then all be joined together to go with the music so its kind of a group project with individual parts, the part I’ve been given to animate is brass. I think this is going to be a very exciting and challenging project, it’s going to be quite a lot along side my main project and hope she sleeps tonight , but I think hard work and good planning will be the key to success here!

finished croc head


awesome news!! my croc heads are finished and ready to show the second years, which is on Today – Eeek! but it should be fine. anyway here are pictures of my finnished croc heads








this is kind of yesterdays update really , I had lectures for the majority of yesterday, So practically not much extra work got done , but I got up early to just finish dry brushing on the crocs and I plan to get a lot more done after my presentation this morning.

An update will be coming later

out of the shed


so , I went back to check on the crocodiles in my shed today, and although they had started to dry in places, they were still very squishy and wet. with my presentation on Tuesday , which I’m keen to have the croc heads ready for , so I intervened and brought them into the warm and used my housemate Emma’s hairdryer to quickened the process and it worked a treat the crocs are dry and I have just finished dry brushing them and painting the detail into the eyes. pictures will be up once they dry – hopefully tomorrow!!! 🙂

wet crocodiles


so the crocodiles moved home last night, from the garden to the shed in the hope that they would dry over night. Unfortunately because of the amount of latex I used to get the desired texture the crocodiles where still wet. Which means the crocs are to spend another night in the shed with Quattro the bike ( he’s a regular bike with two wheels , he’s named after the Quattro car seen in ashes to ashes )  so not much has happened crocodile today so I worked on the music video “hope she sleeps tonight” instead ( see previous post) This evening I’ve been working in my sketchbook for the crocodile project, putting the storyboard, doing some sketches working out cycles that sort of thing. After writing this post I’m going to add some pictures to my website , put a few more slides into my power point for Tuesday and then cook some Tea. Bye for now 🙂