Hello world!


Welcome to my blog, primarily I have started this up to co-inside with my 3rd year uni project, a sort of blog diary if you will, of my progress and what I get up to each day uni wise. But I also plan on keeping this blog running after this to inform the world of my creative antics.  I’m currently in my 3rd year and staffs uni studying animation and I’m in my final term before entering the “real” world . So as you would assume my final project is directing and animating my own short film, with the aid of a small team of second years. my animation is going to be more experimental than having a logical plot with characters, I’m basically planning to have a lot of pixilated people running away from styrofoam crocodiles. I spent from the 10th – 13th january 2010 going over my idea’s with one of the tutors, Tony smith and then completed my story board and animatic using storyboard pro.

on the Thursday I made my first crocodile head ( pictures will be included once I work out how ) this first one is going to be the smallest croc , the baby of the group if you like. essentially I’m making 3 crocodiles however because I’m planning to use the method of replacement ( which means instead of having one movable character/puppet that I position each time I take a frame, I make lots of the same character in slightly different positions and so replace the character with a completely different model of its self ) so my 3 crocodiles will have several versions – or twins – of them selves.

sadly not much of my work gets done at the weekend as to fund the all important substance of food, I have a part time job at Jessops, which I find more interesting than most other jobs available to students as I have an interest in photography and own a digital SLR and also a smaller compact system camera , both of which I like to take out when I have the time.

So Monday 17th ( sorry this entry is fairly long as im updating what I’ve done so far ) we all went into uni and had a kind of introductry to our two projects we have this term first of which is the final project I’ve been talking about and the second is an external brief where we have to go and find a project to work on outside of uni, for which I have had contact with a band named the adventures of and I’m going to be doing a music video for one off their songs, of which I will also be blogging my progress on. I then spent the remainder of Monday and all of Tuesday making two larger crocodile heads which are currently living on top of my rabbit Radish’s cage.


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