a post for yesterday


so this is the blog entry for yesterday for what i did after posting my first post. firstly i glued small thin chucks of styrofoam on to the tops of my two large crocodiles, i say chunks more like long thin strips, if you get me to create a nice croc texture. so they are now dry and ready for painting. i then worked on two power point presentations that need to be completed one is a sort of reflection for last semester so we have to talk through our last project. basically just saying what went well , what didn’t go so well what we would change – that sort of thing. the second was a bit more exciting as it is all about  my crocodile project and showing previous work but not writing about it- like playing some of my films ect this one is for next week its a presentation i do to the second years to hopefully grab some of there attention so they will want to work on this croc project with me. I’m planning on walking in with all 3 croc heads (which should be finished by then) which should grab some attention as the biggest ones are about a meter long. – bit hard to miss!


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