creativity?? – warning this blog probably makes no sense


Creativity is such a weird thing, the word create its self  means to make something out of nothing. something thing that sounds impossible. I’ve heard it said that nowadays its almost impossible to come across a new thought , a new idea. apparently because all idea’s are whether consciously or unconsciously are inspired by another idea, something ,we’ve seen or heard before. But does inspiration make an idea any less original? Then who came up with the original idea? is there just a long line of people who were inspired by someone who inspired someone else who inspired someone else. Right at the beginning that means is there an original creator ? some one or something who started it all off with a big explosion of creativity. To me as a christian the answer seems to be yes . and this is not really a blog to change your mind , on whatever your religious belief is , this is mealy my own thought process going as I write. being both a creative person and a christian seem to go hand in had and makes a lot of sense to me , and to me there seems like there is a strong link between first creativity and spirituality and second creativity and the gospel. i’m planning to use the creative and spiritual catogry part of my blog to explore my own thoughts.

maybe in a way creativity like bridges the gap between faith and science , I’m no scientist , I know there are lots of scientist people some who try and prove that there is a God with science and some who try to disprove God with science. i’m sure there are lots of good reasons on both sides but would say science and spirituality don’t really match each other ( thats an argument for someone else to figure out. but if you bring creativity into the equation it gets on very well with the christian faith and science – right from the word go the bible is talking about creativity. and i don’t think creativity can be scientifically explained but when looking at something that has been created it can be traced back to a creative process which shows you how the product was produced and came about , to me that seems kind of similar to the way a science experiment is carried out like you test something find out what its made out of ,how it was formed. maybe that does explain creativity scientifically I don’t know you’d have to ask a scientist


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