crocodiles in my garden


Today started off with the finishing of my power points and team sheet – basically its a sheet where I write the names of the people in my team and their roles on the team. so far I have 2 people including myself but hopefully this should get bigger once I’ve done my presentation to the second years on Tuesday. Then after completing the more mundane tasks of the day I set to work on project crocodile. I took my two large croc heads into the garden to paint with a combination of liquid latex, a kind of greenish paint and some hay and sawdust. this made a great texture for the crocodiles skin. Hopefully it will look just as good once its all dry. So yeah I currently have two large crocodile heads drying in my garden, which looks pretty awesome when you look out the window. was quite amusing explaining it to my landlord when he came round to show some possible tenants for next year around our house. The tour started with my bedroom , to which ( according to my house mate ) he introduced as Abi’s zoo,( too be fair i do have 4 gerbils and a rabit ) and then he came round to find me painting large crocodile heads in the back garden. good stuff


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