hope she sleeps tonight


Today I have been mainly working on the music video project. I spent today scanning in my “fall” cycle I drew up yesterday , taking my drawings into photoshop to ensure the sizes and dimensions matched each other. So when it comes to putting them into an animated sequence they play smoothly. I then, from the drawings I had up loaded , drew some more simple poses of the bodies in fighting/grabbing positions which I plan to use in a sequence of the bodies pulling on the main characters to signify a struggle. I then printed off all the cycles which I plan to stick to card and mean to make stand up and use like card board cut outs. I will be using them along side of my 3d characters ( not computorized but 3d as in physical 3d object rather than the 2d card)


About Abi in Japan

I am currently living and working in Japan as an English teacher. I have been here for around 18 months. The first 6 months I traveled , back packed and wwoofed ( worked as a volunteer on organic farms ). During term time I am an English teacher by holiday/weekends I transform back in to traveler form always looking for a new adventure!

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