Exciting News


As I mentioned in my previous post , I had actual lectures in uni yesterday. one of which was run by none other than Barry Purves!!! which is very exciting. Even more exciting than that is us, as a group of students are going to be working on a film with Barry. Its based on the musical score “a young person’s guide to the orchestra” which is a wonderful peace of music which starts of with the whole orchestra playing together and then goes through each instrument individually before all joining back together again. Barry has split the music into its separate components and handed each student or group of students a part to animate , to then all be joined together to go with the music so its kind of a group project with individual parts, the part I’ve been given to animate is brass. I think this is going to be a very exciting and challenging project, it’s going to be quite a lot along side my main project and hope she sleeps tonight , but I think hard work and good planning will be the key to success here!


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