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21st- 25th feb update


Well as you saw from my last post , one great thing I achieved last week was completing scrappy the duck! which is great. I have learnt from scrappys adventure to the park that ducks don’t like other ducks that smell of hairsprey look to cleen and have bright orange feet. so this next week I will be making scrappy more … well scrappy and try and introduce him  to the ducks again – this may seem lke a bit of a fun but pointless exercise, but the reason why scrappy needs to try and get on with other ducks, is im hoping to have a scene in my final animation of some crocodiles eating a girl feeding the ducks I’m hoping as i’m using pixilated people to pixalate real ducks also ( obviously not as sucessfully as the people  because unfortunatelly I cant controll the ducks) as well as having a person eaten in this scene I also want a duck to be eaten there for if i can itrigate scrappy successfully i can maybe use him as a “stunt duck” this could go awesomely or terribly.

As well as making scrappy i was also working on all my replacements this week which are now nearly 95% complete and painted I’m hoping to have all my models done by the end of this week preferably ( 4th march ) and def by the end of next week (11th) as i would like to start animating on the 14th of march which is both v exciting and also scary 🙂


scrappy tries to make it as a duck


so good news finally got all the feathers I needed to finish my duck, which is now named scrappy. I took scrappy to the local park with some bread in hope he would make lots of new friends he made a few but he wasn’t quite as popular as I would of hoped.



14th – 18th feb


I have decided to do just weekly updates for my blog , I think it makes it a bit more interesting plus it means I can add lots of photo’s 🙂

Monday , Barry came in , we looked at the music to my part of the young persons guide to the orchestra , I did some rough story boarding and talked with the people who are animating before and after me to make sure our animations flow nicely together

Tuesday , I sculpted big rows of teeth , which are looking pretty cool and make the crocodiles look a lot more sinister , I also made the bottom jaws for my crocodiles

wednesday I painting teeth and jaws to make them look evern better which they did , I really wanted to do some editing for ‘hope she sleeps tonight” but some one was on the computer I have all the files saved to so I couldn’t get to all of them, but I did what I could with what I did have. And finally but perhaps the most exciting I did my very first croc test out side!!!! woo  , Ive yet to put it all together in final cut but I’m verry much looking forward to doing so : D

Thursday , the feathers I had been waiting all week for finally came into the art shop so I bought them and more and was able to finish feathering my duck

fri , sat ,  sun – i was working so boo to that but money is always an advantage

7th – 11th


To be honest with you this week has gone past so fast , its all a bit of a blur. So I can tell you about the work I’ve done just not what I did on each day- on the bright side there are lots of pictures of my work for you to look at!









This is a very fluffly duck , Iv’e managed to empty the art shop this week of white feathers, which is bad news because as you can see my duck is only half feathered, but not to worry , the art shop are ordering me some more so hopefully by the end of next week it should be complete. Once feathered I’m going to try hairspraying the feathers to hopefully achieve a less fluffy look. The ducks body is pure styrofoam the same material I am making my crocodiles with.




This again is more styrofoam I measured out for my assistants to cut out and shape for me. They will be the replacements for one of my larger crocs.




This is going to be a chewed up hand that a croc will be munching on- again styrofoam , ( its a nice material I love styrofoam!)




This is a frame from one of the replacement tests I did this week just testing the smoothness of the crocodile submursion. I did two tests. One I shot backwards which didn’t really work well, the second one though looked quite effective. So forwards will be the way to go.


These pictures are of me building a fake grammophone , this is for the project I am working with Barry Purves on , unfortunatelly after I bought all this back from the work shops , I dropped the grammophone and it broke into many peices but I have not made it better, learning from the mistakes i made the first time round so it was really quite a happy accident.  🙂

31st Jan – 4th Feb


This week in between lectures, I have been doing a lot of blue print work for my larger crocodile replacement heads. Which means I have now completed all the blue prints for the head replacements. I have given 2 of my assistant animators a croc cycle to complete for 2 weeks time , I have completed cutting out all the replacements for the baby crocodiles head all that needs to be done is to complete them by painting and texturing them. I have cut out all the eye and nose  replacements for the second adult croc and plan to complete in the next 2 weeks. I set some work for another of my assistant animators – lynda who is making me some keys , for a prop for the zoo keeper to hold. lynda is also currently building me a zoo sign . ive also made a styrofoam duck which i am in the middle of feathering- the featheres i am applying to the bird however is starting to look a little fluffyonce fully feathered i will try hair spraying and fixing the feathers down to look hopefully a little more realistic

friday i met with oliver nathan and kyle to run green screen tests  to tests run cycles









this a picture of all my crocodiles and replacements that are slowly but surely taking over the table in the studio