31st Jan – 4th Feb


This week in between lectures, I have been doing a lot of blue print work for my larger crocodile replacement heads. Which means I have now completed all the blue prints for the head replacements. I have given 2 of my assistant animators a croc cycle to complete for 2 weeks time , I have completed cutting out all the replacements for the baby crocodiles head all that needs to be done is to complete them by painting and texturing them. I have cut out all the eye and nose  replacements for the second adult croc and plan to complete in the next 2 weeks. I set some work for another of my assistant animators – lynda who is making me some keys , for a prop for the zoo keeper to hold. lynda is also currently building me a zoo sign . ive also made a styrofoam duck which i am in the middle of feathering- the featheres i am applying to the bird however is starting to look a little fluffyonce fully feathered i will try hair spraying and fixing the feathers down to look hopefully a little more realistic

friday i met with oliver nathan and kyle to run green screen tests  to tests run cycles









this a picture of all my crocodiles and replacements that are slowly but surely taking over the table in the studio


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