7th – 11th


To be honest with you this week has gone past so fast , its all a bit of a blur. So I can tell you about the work I’ve done just not what I did on each day- on the bright side there are lots of pictures of my work for you to look at!









This is a very fluffly duck , Iv’e managed to empty the art shop this week of white feathers, which is bad news because as you can see my duck is only half feathered, but not to worry , the art shop are ordering me some more so hopefully by the end of next week it should be complete. Once feathered I’m going to try hairspraying the feathers to hopefully achieve a less fluffy look. The ducks body is pure styrofoam the same material I am making my crocodiles with.




This again is more styrofoam I measured out for my assistants to cut out and shape for me. They will be the replacements for one of my larger crocs.




This is going to be a chewed up hand that a croc will be munching on- again styrofoam , ( its a nice material I love styrofoam!)




This is a frame from one of the replacement tests I did this week just testing the smoothness of the crocodile submursion. I did two tests. One I shot backwards which didn’t really work well, the second one though looked quite effective. So forwards will be the way to go.


These pictures are of me building a fake grammophone , this is for the project I am working with Barry Purves on , unfortunatelly after I bought all this back from the work shops , I dropped the grammophone and it broke into many peices but I have not made it better, learning from the mistakes i made the first time round so it was really quite a happy accident.  🙂


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