14th – 18th feb


I have decided to do just weekly updates for my blog , I think it makes it a bit more interesting plus it means I can add lots of photo’s 🙂

Monday , Barry came in , we looked at the music to my part of the young persons guide to the orchestra , I did some rough story boarding and talked with the people who are animating before and after me to make sure our animations flow nicely together

Tuesday , I sculpted big rows of teeth , which are looking pretty cool and make the crocodiles look a lot more sinister , I also made the bottom jaws for my crocodiles

wednesday I painting teeth and jaws to make them look evern better which they did , I really wanted to do some editing for ‘hope she sleeps tonight” but some one was on the computer I have all the files saved to so I couldn’t get to all of them, but I did what I could with what I did have. And finally but perhaps the most exciting I did my very first croc test out side!!!! woo  , Ive yet to put it all together in final cut but I’m verry much looking forward to doing so : D

Thursday , the feathers I had been waiting all week for finally came into the art shop so I bought them and more and was able to finish feathering my duck

fri , sat ,  sun – i was working so boo to that but money is always an advantage


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