21st- 25th feb update


Well as you saw from my last post , one great thing I achieved last week was completing scrappy the duck! which is great. I have learnt from scrappys adventure to the park that ducks don’t like other ducks that smell of hairsprey look to cleen and have bright orange feet. so this next week I will be making scrappy more … well scrappy and try and introduce him  to the ducks again – this may seem lke a bit of a fun but pointless exercise, but the reason why scrappy needs to try and get on with other ducks, is im hoping to have a scene in my final animation of some crocodiles eating a girl feeding the ducks I’m hoping as i’m using pixilated people to pixalate real ducks also ( obviously not as sucessfully as the people  because unfortunatelly I cant controll the ducks) as well as having a person eaten in this scene I also want a duck to be eaten there for if i can itrigate scrappy successfully i can maybe use him as a “stunt duck” this could go awesomely or terribly.

As well as making scrappy i was also working on all my replacements this week which are now nearly 95% complete and painted I’m hoping to have all my models done by the end of this week preferably ( 4th march ) and def by the end of next week (11th) as i would like to start animating on the 14th of march which is both v exciting and also scary 🙂


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