28th feb – 4th march


wow so these past two weeks since my last post have just flown past, it is crazy how fast 3rd year is going . Weeks seem to be going past like days its nuts! so as the title of this post suggests I am going to attempt to tell you what I did on each day of the week from the 28th feb – to 4th march with of course all important pictures.

So on Monday 28th, we had Barry Purves in again , and I discussed the building of my grammaphone digestive system with him , and then went off and bought some materials and objects in which to build

The rest of the week ( tues – fri ) I pretty much just got on with making lots of replacements and crocodile parts below are some pictures of the start of the back of the crocodile back replacements , I also attached the crocs lower jaws to the upper jaws with hinges so I could get a nice clean animatable open to the mouths of the crocs. plus screwed a foam board base to the styrofoam
















Thursday morning I booked out the sound studio , this initially was to record the soundtrack for my animation but unfortunately my sound artist / singer person was unable to make it due to illness. It wasn’t a waste of time as some of my other second years Kyle , Chloe and Linda came and we practised setting up the sound studio and then recorded some general screams which was fun and a good refresh of knowledge.


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