14th -18th march


Monday as per usual was our rushes day , which means as I work at the weekends I usually end up putting my rushes together monday morning before showing them in the afternoon, Rushes went well though and everyone really liked my animatic ( well i hope thats what the laughter ment anyway)

Tuesday I went animating YIPEE!  I both animated and took some live action shots of a friend of mine playing her guitar and then getting eaten by a crocodile. I then animated my crocodiles – well one of my crocodiles eating blooded ( ketchuped ) jeans , and also a little cycle of my crocodile bobing up and down in the pavement which looked pretty cool.

Wednesday was Barry day so I spent the day working on a instrumental digestive system

Thursday , I went back to the sound studio with some of my house mate emma and some of my  assistants , Elodie , Oliver and Kyle and we recorded Elodie singing never smile accompanied by oliver on the keyboard. kyle bought along his squeeky duck and pig and we also recorded a version of them in the back ground joining in with the song. In the afternoon I went and edited down the recordings we had made and out of about 6 or 7 recordings of the song whittled it down to about 3 depending on how long my final animation is. about 5 ish my friend Lianne came over and i also animated her being eaten by a crocodile which was very good. Lianne Allen is very good at being eaten by a crocodile. Emma also helped me animate my replacements.

Friday i had to work this week but i have now asked for fridays off so after next week i shouldn’t have to go to work on a friday which will make it alot better for filming as most of my assistants are free on a friday.


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