21st – 25th march


Monday , In the morning me and Em got up nice and early and headed into uni for nine. I was working on my rushes presentation , Emma was scanning images in for her rushes presentation , I then put her images into story board pro and exported them for her her into an animatic /  movie type thing


Tuesday , I was kind of experimenting with animating shocked expressions

, unfortunately my plan did not work , I planned to pixilate my self using a remote I have for my camera and then to stick my hair static with hair glue unforunatley my hair is a bit long to get the effect I was looking for plus the actual animation wasn’t great ether, so the experiment was a bit of a flop but it was fun trying.







wednesday was a Barry day and , It was really good , I did my first bit of animation for him I and I animated part of my digestive music machiene , and I was really pleased with the outcome the next step is to work out my dope sheet and animate to the music which will be really exciting.

Thursday morning I did some general repairs and improving on some of my replacements as they tend to get a bittle battered during animating. I also fixed up poor scrappy the duck, who had had his legs broken, but all is well scrappy was fixed and ready to be eaten by a crocodile in the afternoon. which is when I animaed my 3rd scene of a duck feeder feeding ducks – aka just the one duck scrappy and then both the feeder and the duck gets eaten.


Friday , I had to work at mr Jessops in the morning , but in the afternoon I met up with one of my assistants Kyle and we animated the first scene where he gets eaten , he then animated baby croc for me.

so last week was fairly productive, animating wise could of gone a bit better as both the croc animations will have to be reshot due tp extreamly sunny days causing a strobing effect light wise , however thurs and fri of these week acording to the weather should be nice and cloudy which makes nice animating conditions the plus side was apart from the stobing effect the animation came oout well and proved good practise!! heres hoping for another good week! 😀


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