I’m Back!!


So I have noticed people seem to be more drawn to this blog rather than my blogspot one. Also a very wise friend also steered me back to the world of wordpress. So you people who have been browsing my blog will now be getting something new to read hopefully everyday – time permitting. So lets get straight back into this , introducing my brand new project – BRISTOL SAFARI – I am currenty at the very beginning of my project so if you’ve only just come accross my blog today you are very fortunate. For those who don’t know I’ll let you in to a bit about myself , I am a recent graduate from staffordshire university having successfully achieved myself a 2.1 in stop motion animation. I am now setting about producing my own self directed study and boosting my online presence in order to hopefully one day achieve some kind of employment in the animation industry. “BRISTOL SAFARI” is going to be a mixture of stop motion animation and also live action. Some of it will be shot out side, the other part – the stop motion part , I am going to be experimenting with both indoor and out door before I decide where it will be shot. I hope to make BRISTOL SAFARI a series of short episodes rather than 1 film. As the name suggests BRISTOL SAFARI is going to include some very exciting sitings of some extremely rare animals.


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