So I been trying to do a decent sculpt of the character Merlin from the BBC program Merlin to basically see if I can sculpt a recognisable  sculpt of him. I’ve come across quite a bit of difficulty due to the fact that 1. the character has a really odd shaped head and face and 2. there are only really pictures with him face on, I can’t seem to find any photo’s of him from the side view. So today I’ve literally gone back to the drawing board on this one- if i can’t draw him I’m going to find it very hard to sculpt him , from the front ways drawing I’m hoping I’ll be able to work out some side on profiles in order to use for reference in sculpting. Below is the  front ways picture of Merlin, bit hesitant to put this up as I though it looked ok before I placed the photo I was copying from beside it.





I’ll practise a bit more tomorrow – I can only get better right? also I have just found a side ways profile of Colin Morgan so this is also going to help alot , Plus my good friend Lianne Allen has just posted me some more pics on face book for me


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