A few days ago I was emailed by a friend of a friend asking if I would be willing to have a go at doing some illustrations for the Childrens book she’s writing. Obviously I was very excited by this and said yes straight away – I’ve not really done much illustration before and in my drawing I tend to do more realistic and accurate drawing ( as much as possible unfortunately not yet in Merlin’s case ) but I think its good to stretch your skills and so that’s my challenge to you today readers ( and yes I know its cheesy ) TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT you never know you might like it!

Here is my initial drawings – Initial drawings are only really useful to make a mark on the page after that you really need to do some good research in order to develop you characters properly

First page of initial drawings

So then I had a look at an Illustrator the person I’m doing this for had mentioned his name is Gary Swift a professional childrens illustrator. Below is some examples of Gary’s work

work of Gary Swift - childrens illustrator

From looking at Garys work and a few other childrens charcters I saw that basically they where made up from simple shapes , so

my next step was drawing simple shapes from which I developed 2 characters from.

basic shapes shapes developing

shapes developinglight bulb

boy un colouredalien un coloured

boy and alien coloured


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