Bristol Safari


Having sent of my first set of illustrations of to be looked at, I decided today it was about time I did some work on Bristol Safari. The first part of this was some reference drawings for part of the character design process. This process was introduced to me whilst at uni by a wonderful visiting lecturer called Nick Roberson . He taught us that character design ( kind of like what I was saying with the illustration yesterday ) doesn’t start with drawing the first thing that comes into your head but finding interesting objects and shapes ( perhaps more complicated than the simple shapes I was using yesterday but the same kind of principle ) So today I have been drawing spoons and although I’ve got a fairly good idea of which of my creatures i’m working on , the shapes i’ve been playing with may inspire a part of another creature in this project or a completely different character in another project , its really all about reference.

different spoons

So as you can see from above I drew a few different size/type/shape spoons , at the moment I’m liking the shape of the large spoon on the far left as the top bit makes quite a nice body shape with the two joining screws as eyes. Below you can see where I bent the spoons to create some more interesting shapes.bent spoons

after my Drawing I turned my attention to the character that is the wildlife presenter who I am calling Saffron Nightsparrow. I’m using a different kind of method for her character as she is going to be human performing live action. So for this I started researching a few different wildlife presenters and studying them seeing how they move , speak , act – what they wear ect and came up with a basic outfit which I drew up roughly. I plan to develop Safrons character by writing diary entries as her and possibly start up a blog as if she’s writing it a bit nearer the time of finish.

safron nightsparrow

To end nicely I leave you all with a few links to some hilarious videos of sloths that I came across whilst researching Wildlife video’s

(not my videos)


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