swimming with crocodiles


Tomorrow I’m off on holiday for a week to pembrokeshire , wales. It’s not the other side of the world and lets be honest not going to be exotic, I will however be SWIMMING WITH A CROCODILE – Those of you who know me well , will know my final project at uni was an experimental animation staring several large styrofoam crocodiles. Que Nigel

  ( to be honest I can’t remember which one i’m using for arguments sake they are both called Nigel however I will be using only one nigel)

As I have already mentioned Nigel is made completely out of styrofoam , not only this he is about a meter long and is sort of oblong shape with curved corners as is one of these

I’m sure you can now see where I’m going with this. YES I am planning to body board using one of these crocs, today I have been making a few alterations to Nigel . For stability I have removed his bottom jaw and top row of teeth as I think when put in contact with the sea may not last long. I have also been spraying nigel with a tent waterproofing spray as although most of his skin is laytex and accrilic paint there is also a little bit of not so water proof paint such as poster paint…………. but thats the worst thing that could happen a bit of his paint runs in the sea ……

watch this space photo’s and video’s coming up in about a weeks time I have also pre written some blogs about some other creative projects I have planned for my holiday and timed them to be published at roughly the time I’ll be doing them – yes unfortunately I am that sad


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