Sunset Beach Photographs


ok so I know it sounds a bit cliche , a bit snap happy , nicey nicey post card happy. But as a creative person with an interest in photography I’ve never been able to capture a good Sunset photo, and as I’m on holiday this week, staying within walking distance of a beautiful beach in west wales armed with my tripod and compact system camera. I’ve decided why not , I’m going to give this a good go , it is holiday season after all!

I’m planning on trying a few techniques first of all HDR , where basically you take 3 photographs – exposed , under exposed and over exposed this is to catch the intensity of colours in the sky and the correct light for the ground ( so it doesn’t appear too dark ) basically you then merge the 3 using a photo software package I normally use photoshop.I’m also then just going to have a play with the exposure and shutter speed ( yep really don’t know too much on this subject but its fun having a play ) and hope to get some good single photo’s that don’t require editing – photo’s coming soon!


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