The X Factor vs Productivity


For a good few years in a row now, I have been a die hard fan of The x Factor.  I have sat through hours of auditions and heart felt songs from people who desperately want to fulfill there dream of becoming a singer, and although the show has been a great deal of entertainment and amusement in the past years , a small thought that started off the size of a tiny seed that has now grown in to a mighty oak has been growing and that thought is “why I am I wasting my time watching this”  IT IS THE EXACT SAME SHOW year in , year out  –  only they have now got rid of all the interesting judges. So I have decided this year (better late than never) to not just not watch The X factor but to do something productive with the time I would of spent watching the show. So I have decided to start  learning welsh, I am technically quarter welsh and think the welsh language is really interesting. I’m not calling for a boycott of The X Factor here – in its own right its an entertainment program and if thats whats you enjoy then fair doos. But sometimes change is good , and swapping an old habbit for learning or developing a skill isn’t a new idea but it does make life more interesting.

Da bo ti !!!


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