Crocodile Surf Success


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know, last week I was on holiday , you may also know of a previous Uni project in which i made a film starring some large styrofoam crocodiles , so natrally I decided to put the two together and take one of thse crocodiles to the beach to have a go at body boarding with them. And I have to tell you , it worked pretty damn well! ok so maybe it didnt work quite as well as a professionally made body board but I caught a good few waves and caught the interest of one of the life guards.

I am planning to make some adjustments to the croc for next time I go to the sea side to improve the croc surfing ability.

First i”d the eyes’s they create bumps at the back which makes it slightly awkward to use so I plan to flatten them and have them level with the average hight of the croc head.

Second I plan to try and sculpting the underneath ether in a curved shape to channel water underneath it better. or I will just slim the board so it is less bulky hopefully making it lighter again leading to better performance.


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