more creative anitics from my holiday


wow that is a cheesey cliche of a title and it doesn’t really help that this blog is about pretty much about sunset beach photo’s. I have had an interest in photography for a long time and so when on holiday in a new place its hardly surprising I ended up taking over 400 photo’s ( not all of sunsets tho ) ok so I only went to north wales , the same place Ive been every year for like the last ten years, but it really is pretty and before i never had a nice new shinney camera ( new ish I’ve had it since Feb but still I’ve never taken it too wales and also whilst at uni I didn’t have loads of opportunities to go photographing for pleasure – there were a few but not many)

So I’ll start off with showing you a few HDR shots I tried out on sun sets. I’m still experimenting with this technique – hopefully getting better. The process of HDR is basically you take 3 photo’s of the same subject, one at normal exposure , one under exposed and one over exposed , you then basically stitch the 3 photo’s together in an editing program ( I use photoshop ) This means you get all the highlights and dark spots and colours , that you saw with your eye – meaning you can create a believable photo with a natural feel – not over edited

here are some examples

so here are the 3 photo’s I took , this was just before sunset ( about 10 min ) by the way this a picture of my most favourate beach ever- newgale, there is no better beach anywhere. Anyway for that reason I particularly wanted the sky and also the sign post in making the process of HDR essential really


and here is the final image of the 3 stitched together

below are some more of my final edited images from using the same technique


For more photo’s from my holiday ( not all HDR and not all sunsets and beaches – promise ) check out my flickr


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