Volunteering at @Bristol


atBristol is a science center , for all ages but I would say maybe aimed mostly at children and families. A museum I guess would be the easiest way to describe it but not the best. AtBristol provides the opportunity for children ( and adults alike ) to get stuck in exploring science in a fun way. This is the reason I would hesitate to call it a museum as there are no glass cabinets , no red velvet DO NOT CROSS signs it provides a very hands on creative fun way to learn about science. It also has a big animation part to it , where children can go through the different stages of the animation process , starting off at the storyboard stage all the way throgh to filming it . The children can then save there film and edit it at home if they wish meaning they will be able to take home a part of the atBristol  experience with them that they can then share with others. I may be a bit biased I guess but the animation department is my favourite part, which is why I decided to aply to volunteer there, and so on tuesday following a previous phone conversation I had with the volunteer co-ordinater there , I went for a quick tour and a kind of briefing of what the volunteers get involved with ect and was accepted onto the volunteer scheme which I am very excited about. I think volunteering is a great thing to do weather employed or un employed as it gives you the opportunity to learn try and learn more. In the past I have volunteered for farms , soup kitchens , animation festivals and have taken away a unique experience from them all and I have no doubt that the same will happen at atBristol


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