Back from my adventures


Unfortunately this lovely camper van isn’t mine, but I did take this picture whilst I’ve been away. alltogether I was gone just over a week maybe. First with a very mini trip to the land of stoke-on-trent to visit a few friends, the trip to the lakes was the spontanious idea of my parents – not that I minded of course . So that is why my blog went very quiet for a while.

So today was the first real day I’ve had a chance to get back to work. I have decided for now to mainly work on my animation project “Bristol Safari” , Merlin hasn’t been forgotten but as its animation I’m hoping to go into I have decided to focus more on that. I have now set myself a deadline to have my first 4 episodes of “Bristol Safari” to be completely done and finished by Jan 2012 whoop. Any way enough of my yapping here are some pretty pictures of what I’ve been up to today.


Here is some gear I have purchased for Safron to rock. ( just as a quick reminder Safron is my wildlife presenter who will be played by a live actor , the bits that star Safron will be completely live action.








Below is some pages from my sketchbook.








These pages are getting a feel of possible shapes and colour schemes.








One of my creatures is going to be based on a crab – how close it will actually be to a crab I am unsure yet as I am still developing the character but I’m quite sure it is going to walk like a crab hence why I spent the afternoon working out a crab walk cycle ( stil to be tested) see below







lastly I went and collected some sticks to draw for reference , I am going to have a play with making the Crab creature’s legs very stick like – of course what i have to remember here is as this is for a stop motion film I have to have made a physical crab that can move the way I need it too in which case stick legs ( although they don;t have to be made out of sticks just look like them ) may or may not be too tricky to do we shall have to see what unfolds farewell for now followers of my blog which at the moment I think consists of Simon , Emma and possibly Lianne 🙂


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