The crab leg solution!


I have managed to find this puppet which I made in uni. And after a bit of consideration I decided to extract the armature inside so I could use the joints for my crab legs as they are the only thing that would create the perfect movement. I’m now very glad I did as my armature contains 12 of these joints , exactly the number I need for my crab’s legs – ok so I might have to replace 1 or two due to a lot foam latex in a few of the joints but its still going to be a lot cheaper for me in the long run. I’m not really regretting the taking part of the puppet as 1, I have managed to do it fairly discretely – discrete from the front anyway( ok so its not the tidiest job in the world but I think I would be able to place a standard wire armature in there and get it to work fairly well. 2, the puppet didn’t have a huge about of mobility to begin with ( despite all its lovely joints ) because of the mass and bouncyness of the foam it is made from. Below is a picture of the back of the puppet where I extracted the armature from.

I am also currently working on more character designs which will be up in a future post  once I have a few more images to show.

on a completely un-related subject  BEADS hobby craft now have a pic n mix beed section which is very cool you hand pic your own beads out of thousands and fill up a little pot for £3.95 ( I think ) at first it seems like a small pot but you can actually get quite a lot in there ( I did anyway ) see below my beads and bracelets I made with some of my beads!!! ( I’m quite excited about this as you can probably tell ! )

Last but not least another thing I am very excited about is Bristol’s festival of puppetry !! that starts tomorrow !! This is going to be a great festival packed with stop motiony goodness, lots of films being shown , work from Aardman ( naturally ) and world famous Ray Harryhausen . A chance to go behind the scenes at puppet place HQ  and lots lots more including a puppet making workshop with Aardman which I have booked myself into and am super excited about. The festival is going on for just over a week so I will be taking lots of photo’s and telling you all how amazing it is , if your around this week ( certainly if your in Bristol ) you have to come and check this out its going to be great!


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