Drawn to Life


Today I took the step of taking my scruffy drawings and character designs and bringing them into the physical world through the medium of sculpture. Todays creation is a sculpture of my first character The middle aged spoon crab, his body ( although it resembles a lemon ) actually came from shapes I found whilst drawing spoons – hence the name ( see previous posts from my sketchbook for the spoon research )

Here is my final character design for the middle aged spoon crab its fairly simple as most of my characters will be as designing characters isn’t one of my strongest points. I hope to focus more on the model / puppet making and the animating.

the first thing i did was make my character an armature (kind of like a skeleton to help it stand up ) This consisted of wire , silver foil , glue and a bit of wood. see below

I simply glued the legs into the foil , and glued two of the legs into drilled holes in the wood . I then simply just built it up using tiny peaces of plasticine starting from the feet and working upwards. Its good to work slowly and keep your reference in sight at all times , you never want to rush a sculpt , taking your time is the best technique you could apply. I took most of the day with this one from about 10 – 4 with an hour or so for lunch. anyway the rest of the pictures kind of explain there selves really.






















and the middle aged spoon crab is born! The next stage will be making him into a puppet but I need to finish designing and sculpting some of his friends first.


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