The Night-Sparrow


The Night-sparrow is another one of my characters I have started sculpting for my project “Bristol Safari”. I have to warn you now though , The night-Sparrow is quite creepy , it is no spoon crab. Ever since I got to sculpting the head – the face especailly – has a kind of eerie orah about it. Could just be me I suppose but the spoon-crab is definitely a little nervous of it too.

Anywho the process is very similar to that of the sculpt of the spoon crab , I took my reference from my drawings and research and final design and went from there. Starting off by raiding my mum’s kitchen draw again for the silver foil which made the body. And then stuck in the wire arms and legs and fixed it all together with epoxy glue.

Then Just as I did yesterday I just started Sculpting from the feet up with tiny tiny bits of plasticine.




















So there you have it the ultra rare – never seen before – Night- sparrow , watch this space for the fire cracker!


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