Llama’s and Crab legs


Just a short post today really as although what I’ve done took quite some time, unfortunately there isn’t a lot to show for it.

The first thing I’ve done is start researhing Llama’s and drawing them, trying to get a good hand on the shape of the animal. This is reference for what is at the moment my final creature for this project.  I was originally going to have a 4th character/creature but I decided I just didn’t like that one , it did’t seem as strong character wise as the others ( if I like how this project goes then I’l most probably end up doing more)

any way here is my page of lovely llama drawing references







I’ve also been doing a lot of working out for my crab leg armature ( yes I”m still fiddling around with that ) yesterday I took apart my gerbil armature and split it  into the parts I need for my crab legs, all  I need to do now is cut the steel rods to attach everything together and buy 2 fixed components for 2 separate joints ( don’t worry if your not sure what that is , basically there are 2 small balls in a ball and socket joint ,which means you can get a double jointed action from the joint. If you replace one of those balls with a fixed component then you get a single jointed action like you get at your elbow or knee)

here are all the bits sort of in place ( if it just looks like a table of bits, don’t worry, it is , it all works in my head though which is the main thing – as long as I’m right.)



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