please mr postman


well a short update šŸ™‚ I am waiting for the postman to deliver my drill , 3 fixed components for my armature for the crabs leg and some fake fimo type stuff so “Bristol safari” can go into drive again. Thinking about it I really should of planned this and ordered the stuff earlier, but that’s a lesson learn for next time ( thinking of which I should probably spend a bit of time tomorrow planning and working out what I’m going to be needing so this doesn’t happen again) luckily I have been working today anyway so that’s not been to much of a waist of time ( as all this and living business costs money )and a some of tomorrow and all of wednesday I’m meeting friends and family so hopefully bu=y thursday my stuff will be here and I’ll be ready to crack on šŸ™‚

sorry its been a bit of a boring post this time round but here is a video of an owl dancing to can’t touch this , to make it all better



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