Finally some of the supplies I ordered have now come meaning I can now get on with some stuff, however as I am still waiting for some stuff . I have taken to setting up a work station in the lounge while people are out. see below πŸ™‚

I have now started some of my puppet making , starting with the night sparrow.

This is going to be the main body of the Night sparrow, its made from a material called hot set which is basically the same kind of idea as fimo – a moldable sculptable modeling clay that hardens once cooked in the oven.

I also used square brass ( known as k and s ) tubing at the bottom and also just below the neck ( see photo at the bottom you should be able to see two small squares ) this is so when I make the legs and wings I can add a smaller size of brass tubing which will be fixed to the ends that will slot into the larger bronze tubing in the body. The main benefit of this is if while animating a part brakes you can easily detach it, mend or make a new one and re attach it without having to re make the whole puppet.


Below is the wings being made. They have a wire frame which is glued to cling film using pva and then painted with glass paint. This one is a bit of an experiment for me. So far it seems to have worked with the effect I was looking for however they could prove quite delicate which will become tricky when animating.










That’s it for now as I need to get on with doing rather than writing : – more soon πŸ™‚




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