Creating a monster


The Night-Sparrow puppet is now coming along really nicely, in real life she is getting more and more freaky looking (more so than the sculpt I think its the eyes ) (( definitely the eyes ))

The eyes are the standard eyes that come with the standard armature ( the metal skeleton inside ) and they look like this.








Here I have started to sculpt plasticine eyelids around the eyes its amazing how this instantly seems to create character and mood.

I then went about sculpting the head which has a small ball of silver foil inside to bulk it out a bit , but mostly consists of plasticine. I have the head sitting on a thin bit of k and s ( bronze tubing I was talking about the other day ) so it is rotatable.




Last of all I got the last bit of my k and s through the post today which meant I could attach the wings to the body.








And than is my night sparrow almost complete , I just need to sculpt her arms and make her attachable / detachable wire legs coated and sculpted in plasticine.



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