Birth of the Night sparrow


The night sparrow puppet is now finished and standing ( free standing!!! ) in all her glory along side her sculpt and also the sculpt of the spoon crab ( next to be made into a puppet ). The legs and feet were fairly easy to make.

The legs are simply wire covered with plasticine connected to the body using k and s , and the feet I made out of super sculpey ( another kind of fimo type thing that you sculpt and then bake in the oven to harden.The key to the free standing is nice large feet! ( you’ll see this in quite a lot of stop motion characters generally as the bigger the feet the more stable they are able to stand. ) The trick is to try and get a balance of big enough to let the character stand but not so big they look too goofy ( luckily the night sparrow is a strange character anyway so it doesn’t really matter if her feet look a little large.

After I made the feet and legs , I started sculpting the arms which are meant to be attached to and on top of the wings , The problem I had was that the wings – because I had made them quite delicate – could not support the weight of the plasticine, so I have had to remake the wings and arms. This time I made the wire frame of the wings and then using super sculpey I sculpted the arms and hands onto the wings and baked them. So the wings wont actually bend but they should be able to move back and forth with a bit of leeway of wire Ive left between then wings and the k and s ( covered by Plasticine )

I then went on to fill the wings in using the same technique as before glueing them to cling film and using glass paint.

And this is the finished product!

When I say finished product its really more like first draft, what will happen is once I’ve made all my puppets I will start doing some animation tests with them and then tweek or redo parts of them to perfect their performance.


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