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A Beautiful Thursday


Thursday 27th October, the first free day in a while, where I had the house to myself to spread all my model making equipment all over the house. A chance for Bristol Safari to get that little bit closer to its completion. I haven’t been able to work on it much due to the evil necessity that is work and using my spare time to make a short animation to enter into the red bull canimation competition.

Anyway here is what I got up too yesterday

I started by re sculpting the crab legs, because the first lot didn’t really fit together probably so this time I sculpted the super sculptey around the armature legs made a division down the middle of the sculptey parts so hopefully I will be able to remove them if necessary, and then but the whole lot in the oven so that the sculptey hardened around the bits of armature (the bits that don’t move) to get the desired effect. Using k and s, I then attached the legs to a plasterzote base (pasterzote it kind of like a harder firmer Styrofoam sort of material)






I then started to build up the body , I sculpted a sponge for the body and then mod rocked around it to create a hard shell / body type thing for the crab.


The advantage of all these materials is that they are really light, making its mobility greater and so easier to animate with.





And thats all for now ! watch out for more updates soon ! 🙂


hello strangers!


well hello ! finally the time has come where I have found some time to do some animation related work on my project Bristol safari, it seems a very long time since I was last able to do some work – 2 weeks and 1 day to be procise ! and no work getting done means no blog postd which is why blog wise I have been very quiet. the reason – the world of work calls , its really a bit of a difficult circle you need a paid job to fund projects ( and generally live ) however when your working full time , you might have the money but then no time. But today I had my first day off where nothing else needed my attention.

I started of applying to volunteer at a animation and film festival happening this November in Bristol, The film is called bristol encounters , international film festival ( see site here ) I’ve not yet attended any previous years to this festival but it looks like a real main event , I am personally looking forward to networking and looking at the standard of work watching for ways to improve my own work. I’ve also booked the entire week of work for the occasion so I can be fully available if i do get chosen to volunteer ( if this is the case I will be very lucky as they only take on 40 ) If not chosen then I still very much plan to attend and learn and network as much as possible this week.

Ther second thing I managed to get onto again today was those magnificant crab legs ( yup still on that ) today I started making the actual fleshy parts of the legs for this I sculpted the leg parts around the armature using super sculpey and then carefully peeled them off , keeping them in the same position and shape as much as possible and then baking them before sculpting the other half to each leg.















The first side of each leg came out really well and once they had cooled and hardened clipped really nicely onto the armature parts, the second lot flopped a little and lost shape in the oven , so what I will have to do here I think is try and file down the rough edges and then attach them to the armature and fill in any gaps with plasticine once this is done I plan to complete they body of the spoon crab , make my fire cracker ( the next creature to come ((more on that soon))  ) and then get some animation tests done. I’m hoping this will all get done in the next few weeks but realistically now I only have a few days off a week to work on this project I am aiming for the puppets to be made and to have done tests with them by the time the bristol encounters festival starts which is the 14th of nov.

Thanks for staying tuned in faithful followers I was surprised to see that people have still been looking at my blog despite my absence which is very nice to see 🙂 more coming soon !!