A Beautiful Thursday


Thursday 27th October, the first free day in a while, where I had the house to myself to spread all my model making equipment all over the house. A chance for Bristol Safari to get that little bit closer to its completion. I haven’t been able to work on it much due to the evil necessity that is work and using my spare time to make a short animation to enter into the red bull canimation competition.

Anyway here is what I got up too yesterday

I started by re sculpting the crab legs, because the first lot didn’t really fit together probably so this time I sculpted the super sculptey around the armature legs made a division down the middle of the sculptey parts so hopefully I will be able to remove them if necessary, and then but the whole lot in the oven so that the sculptey hardened around the bits of armature (the bits that don’t move) to get the desired effect. Using k and s, I then attached the legs to a plasterzote base (pasterzote it kind of like a harder firmer Styrofoam sort of material)






I then started to build up the body , I sculpted a sponge for the body and then mod rocked around it to create a hard shell / body type thing for the crab.


The advantage of all these materials is that they are really light, making its mobility greater and so easier to animate with.





And thats all for now ! watch out for more updates soon ! 🙂


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