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Back to the real world! and “Bristol Safari”


This week life has very much gone back to normal after the amazing week I had last week at encounters film festival. Its been back to work this week which has been very busy as its coming up to christmas ! So with not much time in the evenings I have decided to start sculpting my 3rd character the fire cracker – this is a good task for the evenings because its quite easy to pick up and put down again and its something thats fairly relaxing and no complicated materials that need cooking , drying mixing ect just simple aplication of plasticine to a wire frame. It will also hopefully create very easy blog updates with just a couple of pictures every few days ( time willing ) anyway here are the first few pics ūüôā


Bristol Animated Encounters – best week of my life!!


This week I had the privilege of volunteering for Bristol animated encounters festival here is my day by day account of everything that went on!


This was Tuesday 15th November , the day before the festival really got started. So today was really about setting things up and getting stuff ready for the week ahead. My day started at 9 o clock at the watershed where I met two other volunteers waiting near the bar. ( You might think typical but its more of a cafe/bar and it is right next to the room we were meant to meet at but was shut ). We were shortly met by the volunteer co-ordinaters and given our first tasks of the day. My first task was to go and collect 14 gold frames from wilko’s ( wilkinsons ) which entailed me going to all the wilko’s in Bristol!. This task was quite tiring but also quite fun. I felt like a runner for a big animation company which was pretty cool- yes I am a bit of a geek – an animation geek and proud!. From my little trip I also gained:

1) the number of wilkinson’s on union street ( although might of lost it now , but it still counts! )

2) the knowledge of the where abouts of all 3 wilkos in Bristol

3) you have to be 21 to buy scissors from wilkinsons

For the next hour or so I helped distribute t Рshirts , tidy up unnecessary items and set out the tables with lots of flyers and magazines ready for the delegate goody bags. At two we had two production lines of bag packing going on and got 600 bags packed in about an hour !! The rest of the day was filled with transporting the bags and various other items from the watershed to the Arnolfini and making ticket passes

DAY 2 –¬† Wednesday 16th November

Started at 9 o clock at the Arnolfini , My job for the day was ushering which included handing out voting slips , telling people where the screening was ( which was the door I was sitting/standing in front of ) , Sitting in on a few of the screenings and running between the Arnolfini and watershed with various items. Oh yeah and the highlight of the festival I got the chance to sit with John K Рcreator of Ren and Stimpy to make sure no one bothered him with autographs ect. a 5ft body guard if you will! which then led to the well known roll of the body guard to casually COLOUR IN SOME OF HIS DRAWINGS  he was working on РIt was soo coool !!!! he also took a picture of me colouring to put on his blog here is he picture

and the link to his blog is here for the proof loll! you may however have to scroll down a lot as he does update his blog alot! This was a GREAT day and a GREAT story to tell over and over again to my old uni mates and tutors when I met up with them later for a drink. To be fair it is my official claim to fame ! I finished at 3 and managed to catch a few more screenings before meeting up with my old class mates РI have made very good use of my free pass this week!

DAY 3- Thursday 17th November

Today I didn’t need to be at the festival until 3, so naturally I was there at 9 to queue for an attempt of gaining access to the Aardman workshop, which unfortunately I didn’t get into. I did however turn out to be standing next to Donna Spencer from studio AKA ( she was queueing for some different tickets ) so I got chatting to her , casually slipped her a business card which she said she would pass onto Phil Warner. Donna also recognized me from the the photo on John k’s blog post which she showed me on her phone – well worth getting up for ! Although I missed out on Aardman, I got to the box office and picked up tickets for the 10 o clock screening and also a John K event at 2. So with half an hour to spare I chatted¬† with some previous corse mates and got to play with and I pad which actually makes a lot of sense at a networking event such as this. As long as you have access to the internet , then you have access to all your online work. My friends went of to Aardman and I went of to the 10 o clock screening which contained some really great films ( film reviews are coming¬†separately soon ).¬† I then had a little break for lunch before going into John K seminar which was great basically lots of his old awesome cartoons were shown ! I had to leave a little early to start my ushering shift but what I saw was awesome . Ushering was fairly similar to how I described it to be earlier , showing people where to go taking stuff to and from the watershed – this might sound somewhat dull but it really wasn’t I really enjoyed every part of my volunteering¬† , you were ether busy with customers or were able to chat with the other staff , It was really interesting talking to people in all sorts of different walks of life. At the end of my shift I managed to sneak into the second John K seminar in which he was talking all about his inspirations and what makes a really good animation. Which of corse was not only invaluable advise but also really interesting.

DAY 4 – Friday 18 November

Today I had the morning shift which started at 9 o clock I was ushering at the Arnolfini and I managed to get into the 10 o clock screening to “oversee” people watching the films but really it was just so I could see the films for myself. I particularly wanted to get into this screening to see Studio AKA’s film “Camera man” which was well worth watching – check it out if you haven’t seen it!!! after this was more ushering and pretending to sneak flyers to people – I say pretend to sneak flyers because they were actually free but it was fun pretending they weren’t and giving them to people. Sadly this was my last shift but it ended on a high as john k – the legend who had been working hard on caricatures all morning did a caricature of me as a thank you for helping him colour on Wednesday which was like the cherry on the top of an already fantastic week ūüėĬ†¬† So as that was the last day for me that’s the end of my post – film reviews and updates to “Bristol Safari” coming soon but for now THAT’S ALL FOLKS!