Back from the Brink


So turns out working in retail over Christmas is CRAZY but I guess it was always going to happen. Surprisingly I still seem to have a steady stream of readers which is good because I have lots to update you all on – just because the blog has gone quite the activity definitely has not! So as to follow from my last post – the sculpt is finished ! I worked on it in the few small windows of time that appeared between Dec – Jan and here are the pics to prove it !
























The other update to add is I’ve now set up my own small studio in a rented space !! most of my fb followers would of already seen these but for those who haven’t here is my lovely little animation workshop / rig 😀

This is my new empty studio before I put anything in it- where it all began !








My lovely Ikea work station !! perfect for model making on !










  and last but not least – my rig ! my beautiful rig ( black out fabric coming soon!) it feels soooo good to finally have a semi professional place to work and it was the crazyness at Christmas which allowed me to pay for it all.

That’s all for now but it’ll be weekly updates from now on ( if not more ) Promise 🙂


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