Can you tell what it is yet ??








This week I set myself the task of building a basic human armature ( equivalent to a metal human skeleton ) An armature helps a puppet to stand upright and has joints in the correct places in order to allow them to move in a similar way to a human. this is what the making of one looks like. It comes in a pack of nuts bolts and threaded steel bars which you have to cut down to the correct sizes. Once you’ve worked out all the measurements your going to need and cut the right size bars it all goes together pretty simply.









I’ve been talking quite a lot recently about my current project Bristol safari. This armature isn’t actually in the plans to be used until my next project but as I’ve had it since Christmas I decided perhaps it was about time I assembled it – That way it will be ready for when I need it and I can if I want to , do a few tests with it too. Its also good practice as it’s been about a year since I assembled my last armature and I have just ordered myself a fancy quadruped armature from as the name suggests this acts like a skeleton for a for legged creature such as a cat or a dog however I ordered myself a few extra parts as I’m throwing myself in at the deep end and making a llama ( this one is for Bristol Safari which coincidentally I am considering renaming back from the brink (( any thoughts on this much appreciated ) )









The last but I need to do to finish the armature is to activate the shrink wrap ( the plastic tubing you can see on the fingers ) this is done by pouring boiling hot water over them . The plastic then shrinks to create a snug coat over the wire which helps to prevent brakages ( for a while anyway !) Then it’sthe simple matter of gluing them to k and s ( which I have unfortunately run out of ) and my armature will be ready to go! 😀

Thats all for now folks some nicely drawn story boards for Bristol Safari ( back from the brink ) coming soon !!


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