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So at the moment it looks more like some kind of Frankenstein armature with bits and pieces from various armatures , spare parts and extra bits specailly ordered for the llama with a few screws I found at the bottom of my tool box for good measure. It still needs a few bits re-glueing and some screws need shortening but this is the basic finished armature – the next step will be building the puppet around it.

Llama-arma…ture : the beast is born


Llama walk cycle


While I’ve been waiting for my extra llama parts to come, I have been working out a walk cycle to try out once the armature is complete. This is what I have come up with ( it was all drawn free hand the actual size and shape of the llama varies a little but its just an idea of how I’m going to get my puppet to move , I also need to work on the head movement during the walk cycle as this cycle really only focuses on the legs )

Also I need to work out a decent run cycle which is always a lot harder than a walk cycle – what ever the creature but I have found some  good reference points from Edweard Muybridge ( basically the grand father of walk cycles  so if you don’t know who he is check him out !!)

more Llama armature coming soon stay posted !



Its all very exciting ! from building a standard human armature a few weeks ago to now tackling a quadruped and a Llama quadruped at that which had a few more joints than your standard quadruped – or at least what comes with the quadruped pack ! Still , nothing like a good old challenge to keep you on your toes. I started off looking at Llama skeletons and watching/filming/photographing live Llamas and my word , llamas are a lot more talented than I ever thought ! Did you know they can scratch their head with their back leg? they can !

Below are two reference pictures of a llama’s skeleton that I used to work how many joints I needed. These are not my own they were sourced from and


Together with the pictures above and the working drawing that came with the regular quadruped armature from as seen here:

I then did the working drawing for the llama armature which looks like this :









unfortunately I then realized the fault in my hip design and because of the way the llamas hips and joints are positioned I would need joints that look more like I redrew below. Which means waiting for more parts to come :s this llama is costing quite a bit but hopefully it will all pay off come animating time – in the mean time I’m going to be working out a walk and run cycle for the llama – pictures up soon !

story boards


This week I have been focusing on story boarding and research ( i did have a rough story board and some research before ) but this was the final of finals if you like ! the above two are the storyboard of episode :fire cracker and the story boards for spoon crab and night sparrow ( the shorter two I think )

unfortunately I don’t have the wonders of storyboard pro or other such fancy programs so for now all my storyboards will remain drawn as its really only going to be me who is referring to them 🙂

I also went on a trip this week to Noah’s ark zoo farm to film and photograph there llamas for reference I also did some videos of other animals for general and future reference check out my vimeo I only have limited upload on vimeo so couldn’t up load it as full quality – you get the idea anyway I’m sure

                                                                      This isn’t a Llama but he was the most epic camel ever !