Its all very exciting ! from building a standard human armature a few weeks ago to now tackling a quadruped and a Llama quadruped at that which had a few more joints than your standard quadruped – or at least what comes with the quadruped pack ! Still , nothing like a good old challenge to keep you on your toes. I started off looking at Llama skeletons and watching/filming/photographing live Llamas and my word , llamas are a lot more talented than I ever thought ! Did you know they can scratch their head with their back leg? they can !

Below are two reference pictures of a llama’s skeleton that I used to work how many joints I needed. These are not my own they were sourced from mountlehmanllamas.com/thumbphotoindex.html and http://www.pnas.org/content/96/11/f7.expansion.html


Together with the pictures above and the working drawing that came with the regular quadruped armature from http://www.animationsupplies.net as seen here:

I then did the working drawing for the llama armature which looks like this :









unfortunately I then realized the fault in my hip design and because of the way the llamas hips and joints are positioned I would need joints that look more like I redrew below. Which means waiting for more parts to come :s this llama is costing quite a bit but hopefully it will all pay off come animating time – in the mean time I’m going to be working out a walk and run cycle for the llama – pictures up soon !


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