Llama Life


After a week end of traveling round the country visiting friends it was nice to just be able to spend the day in my studio today, doing what I do best. I am quite keen to get the rest of my puppet making done in the next couple of weeks so I can crack on with my set making. So it’s a nice feeling to have got a good amount of the Llama-esk Fire cracker  done today.

Last week I did some finishing touches to the Llama armature and padded out the legs with some cotton wool.

Today I worked on the outer fur/skin for the the llama which is made out of face flannels which are pretty much the perfect texture of a llama-esk fire cracker. I lined the in side of the flannel with more cotton wool in the main body part to fill it out a bit.


I’m really enjoying building this puppet , it’s character all ready seems to be coming into it’s own which means it’s going to be fun to play with – I mean animate with…..

Granted these few picture’s look like I’ve skinned a tiny Llama or sheep but it goes back to looking more alive in a minute

Here we go the fire cracker is alive and well with a new nice wooly coat ( head and neck to be completed soon )









Thats all for now folks ! More puppet making work on Llama-esk fire cracker coming soon !


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