Llama update


So this is the updates for all I got up to last week – creativity wise anyway!

I decided I really didn’t like the way the Llama’s head was shaping up so I started sculpting up a new one , which I liked but Llama wasn’t quite so pleased he actually looked quite angry about it…..










I’m still not 100% happy with Llama/ firecracker so I think some more tweeking is going to happen. I’m debating making the body less scrawny but haven’t decided yet as there is something strangly intriguing about the skinnyness…….








other arty antics:

I’ve joined a new online forum http://www.charactr.co.uk , basically it’s a 4 week character designing project. At the beginning a title brief if given for example this last one was tattooed spider woman. From this point you have 2 weeks to come up with 3 silhoettes designs for different characters that fit the brief. The rest of the people on the forum then vote for the best of your silhoettes , and  you take the silouette with the most votes , and then develop it into your final character which you have the remaining 2 weeks to do. And then there is another vote to declare the winner – you don’t get anything for winning but it’s good for brushing up on character design. Here is my siloette and my final design.












and last of all I took the day off on Sunday and decided to make the most of the sun and went for a cycle , found a good drawing spot 🙂











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