Monthly Archives: June 2012

A grand day in, at the studio


Today I had the first full day at the studio in what seems like a very long time – I’ve done lots of half days because of work the last few weeks . The full day was great because I have now pretty much finished my 3 puppets – some are drying over night ect and there are a few last finishing bits to do but they are pretty much ready to go. I’m planning to go tomorrow to finish off those little bits and set up for some animation tests on monday! which I am very excited about because I am really to keen to get to the animating stage. once I have done the test’s I’m going to make up some basic sets and then I will be ready to finally start animating¬† for my final film, all in good time because I already have more idea’s in the pipeline for my next couple of projects!

Anyway here’s what I got up to today :re-structuring the Fire cracker/Llama’s face , re-structured the inside of the spoon crab and then re did the texture on the out side just using pva and paint , and made the ears and attached the eyes. The night sparrow didn’t need much work I just gave it a bit of a re paint around the wings and feet , The last task was to give the llama hooves which I just used plasticine and latex as I did with it’s face. And here are the pictures to prove it ! ( these would of gone next to the correct bit of writing but wordpress has decided not to be my friend today )

That’s all for today folks! more coming soon so watch this space !!!