Monthly Archives: July 2012

Black out !


This may not be the most flattering picture I have of my studio , but it does show my great accomplishment of completely vanishing all natural light from my studio space. It has a door which shuts which then leaves my studio perfectly dark. This is really important for me to be able to start doing some proper animation tests with my puppets, now I have the lighting sorted it means I can work purely on the animation of my puppets walk and run cycles – links to tests coming soon !


Llama says YEAH !


These last couple of weeks I have been testing out various walk cycles and also the general performances of my armatures and puppets. I have yet to put up the black out blinds in my studio so there are some lighting issues with these clips , and the general walk cycles I am still working on but as far as rough ideas of movement here is my produce 🙂

although I need to sort out his limp it’s very exciting to see my characters and in particular the Llama aka fire cracker come to life

In the next couple of weeks I am going to be putting up my blackout fabric and doing lots more tests so watch this space !!