Wolf vs Llama


This week I have been working on both my wolf sculpt and Llama armature. My still joints for my Llama armature came so I have been able to re-assemble the armature into a structure that is a lot simpler than the first attempt, which hopefully means the movement and walk cycle  of the llama will be a lot smoother ( I’ll be testing it in the next week or so will keep you updated )

I’ve also been working on the wolf sculpt some more , developing colour ideas ect and painted the sculpt , which has helped a bit with the character design side of things but I still feel there is a little bit more work to do on it. But here it is for now

On Sunday , as it was what was probably the last sunny day we’ll have until July ( if we’re lucky ) I decided to venture outside and exercise the old drawing skills at Brandon hill – home to half the population of squirrels in England and also a very pretty park / hill. And so I shall leave you with this last image of the last day of summer ( not that you can tell its sunny ……. ) plus it’s autumn …….


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