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Fire ! it’s a burning thing !


These last couple of weeks I have been working of various stop motion fire techniques. I did a few more experiments with feathers and cotton wool and then moved on to acetate and paper cut out. 


And this is the bodge job I did of creating below the table lighting however I need to get a less powerful light as after just half an hour of animating my flames started smoking a bit and my set melting – think I might of just escaped creating an actual fire 


Luckily nothing actually caught fire and below is my series of fire tests which I am fairly happy with , I think I will be using the acetate flames for fire on the ground and maybe more feathery type fire for the actual llama – not sure how I’m attaching the fire to llama but that will be experimenting with over the next month or so



Just a short update this week. I have started experimenting with stop motion fire techniques. This week I used feathers , coloured lighting and the timeless stop motion animators old friend cotton wool 🙂

Here is the link to my first experiment

I’ve also started the making of my Christmas presents and made my first batch of organic home made soap which is quite exciting – making Christmas presents takes a bit more time but is so much more fun than shopping !


Stop Motion Fire !

Animation Workshop


well it’s been an exciting couple of weeks since my last post ! Last week I had the opportunity of running an animation workshop for a youth club for autistic children in Bristol. There was a group of about 8 – 10 Kids between the ages of around 10 – 13. I set up 3 different area’s that they could go to, there was : story boarding , For this I just supplied some blank storyboards/ comic strips and some pens. Model making: I made up some pre existing simple plasticine models with a simple wire armature for the head and arms, I then made some extra simple armatures and bought them along with some plasticine so they could have ago at building their own models/puppets. Animating, I had a table set up with 2 laptops and some pre made backgrounds , which some of the children used to animate their models against. I also had a still camera with a tripod set up which some of the boys had great fun pixelating ( animating each other ) with. They were a lovely group of kids , high in energy and really enthusiastic about animation which meant it was all just great fun.

Below is a link to an animation who was made by a girl called Ruby its called “Take that! at the beach”

In other exciting news I passed my driving test this week ! which is exciting in it’s self but also means I can now spend all my spare time and money on my animated projects and in my studio. I’m also hoping to get a car in the new year which will hopefully make running more workshops a good possibility