Animation Workshop


well it’s been an exciting couple of weeks since my last post ! Last week I had the opportunity of running an animation workshop for a youth club for autistic children in Bristol. There was a group of about 8 – 10 Kids between the ages of around 10 – 13. I set up 3 different area’s that they could go to, there was : story boarding , For this I just supplied some blank storyboards/ comic strips and some pens. Model making: I made up some pre existing simple plasticine models with a simple wire armature for the head and arms, I then made some extra simple armatures and bought them along with some plasticine so they could have ago at building their own models/puppets. Animating, I had a table set up with 2 laptops and some pre made backgrounds , which some of the children used to animate their models against. I also had a still camera with a tripod set up which some of the boys had great fun pixelating ( animating each other ) with. They were a lovely group of kids , high in energy and really enthusiastic about animation which meant it was all just great fun.

Below is a link to an animation who was made by a girl called Ruby its called “Take that! at the beach”

In other exciting news I passed my driving test this week ! which is exciting in it’s self but also means I can now spend all my spare time and money on my animated projects and in my studio. I’m also hoping to get a car in the new year which will hopefully make running more workshops a good possibility





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