Monthly Archives: January 2013

Llama meets Fire


It’s been over a month since my last post so here’s what I’ve been up to whilst not updating my blog.

So most importantly I have been working on my llama and fire tests – the first one is my llama walk cycle after my latest rejigging of the armature – the second is my llama walking through some flames both need a little work but I’m fairly pleased with them as starting points. I would like to improve the walk cycle by making it a bit smoother and also develop a run cycle.

llama walk cycle

lllama walks through fire

I’ve also started up two new creative hobbies over this Christmas – the first inspired by the present given to me by my Gran – which was a beautiful knitted duck. So I have started knitting myself a scarf a good starter project I feel and very fitting to the cold weather we’re having.

my scarf so far

I’ve also been experimenting lino printingĀ  – I found a photograph of my grand parents old house which brought with it an lovely nostalgic feeling. so I decidedĀ  to do some lino printing on a drawing based on the photograph. I first drew onto the lino , and started by cutting out the sky ( as I wanted to have the pattern of the paper to be the sky ). I then did a print of the lino in green for all the bushes in the back ground which I then cut out and did a lighter green print for the grass. Next I cut out all the grass ( leaving the poppies ( i.e the red smudges ) and printed in a dark red/brown for the house and base colour of the poppies and finally cut out the house and printed the poppies in a brighter red. Here are the outcomes.IMG00896-20130109-1210 IMG00897-20130109-1210 IMG00899-20130111-1154

So that’s everything interesting I’ve been up too this last couple of months! Lots more posts coming soon !