Animation Marathon and 642 things to draw!


This week has been very productive – I’ve managed to get to my studio almost everyday ! I spent all monday animating as much as possible and tuesday and wednesday I had half days full of animating ( the other half of the days were spent at my rel job booo! ) I have produced a llama walk and run cycle which I’m quite happy with and also a crab walk cycle which I’m almost equaly happy with ( as in I like it but I was particularly happy with my llama run cycle ) The next step from here will be giving my llama armature his flesh and skin back and doing a few more similar tests , doing a few more tests with the crab so I get familiar with his walk making up the sets and props ect. here are all the links to my animated efforts this week.

This weeks 642 things to draw task was a sound wave !

from my book 642 things to draw!

from my book 642 things to draw!

And that’s about it for this week! but lots more coming soon!


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